About this Accelerator

This accelerator shows how users can quickly and seamlessly enable LLMOPs or Observability in their existing Generative AI Solutions without the need of code refactoring. We will be using some of the industry leading LLMs as our examples to show how easy it is to start monitoring an LLM and the solution built on top of it with all the hallmark features available in DataRobot's MLOPs platform. 

Below are the LLMs that will be showcased

  • PaLM 2 by Google: Ready
  • GPT4 by OpenAI: Ready
  • Titan by AWS Bedrock: Ready
  • Claude by Anthropic: Ready
  • Huggingface: Ready
  • LLMChain: Ready.
  • MPT-7B-Instruct by Mosaic: WIP
  • Llama 2 by Meta: WIP
  • StableLM by Stability.ai: WIP
  • Cohere: WIP
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