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AI Cloud Platform Credit Allocation and Purchasing FAQs

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AI Cloud Platform Credit Allocation and Purchasing FAQs

AI Cloud Platform Credit Allocation FAQs

  • What are AI Cloud Platform credits?
    The DataRobot AI Cloud Platform runs on credits. You use AI Cloud Platform credits anytime DataRobot is doing work for you. These credits are specific to the DataRobot AI Cloud Platform.

  • How are my credits used? 
    DataRobot provides advanced AI tools and techniques that are powered by credits. For example, credits are used when you create a new machine learning project, deploy a model, or upload data for batch scoring. You can easily track how many credits you have used in the credits display on the AI Platform Home page, or within the "usage" section of your DataRobot profile.

  • I’m out of credits, “but I didn’t do anything” -- help!
    You can see how your credits were used by going to the AI Platform Home page, and locating your credit counter.

  • What happens when I run out of credits, and how do I buy more credits?
    Upon credit depletion, your account will be turned into a read-only state.

    - For certain countries, you can continue using the AI Cloud Platform by clicking on Buy Credits in the app, and purchase a credit pack through our secure Stripe integration. This is not available in all countries yet, but will be rolling out through the remainder of the year.


    - If purchasing credits is not available in your country yet, please click Contact Sales to discuss your options.

AI Platform Credit Purchasing FAQs

  • What is the difference between purchasing an enterprise plan vs. credit packs?

    Hosted Enterprise Cloud version

    Credit Pack version

    Products: AutoML, AutoTS (Time Series), MLOps, Paxata Data Prep

    Products: AutoML, MLOps, Paxata Data Prep (No AutoTS)

    Visual AI

    Visual AI

    Feature Discovery

    Feature Discovery

    Collaboration/sharing capabilities built-in

    No collaboration/sharing

    Location AI (Geospatial)

    Location AI (Geospatial)

    Bias and Fairness Testing

    Bias and Fairness Testing

    AutoML Training Datasets: up to 10GB for Hosted Cloud (larger for VPC/on-premise)

    AutoML Training Datasets up to 100MB

    AutoML Prediction Datasets: Unlimited Size

    AutoML Prediction Datasets: up to 100MB

    More workers

    Limited workers

    Full documentation access

    Partial documentation access (no model/algorithm preprocessing details are included)

    Scoring Code Model Export

    No Scoring Code Model Export

    Compliance Docs

    No Compliance Docs

    Premium Support

    No Premium Support

    Community support

    Community support

    Unlimited Usage

    Purchase the amount of usage you need

  • How much do credits cost? 
    Credit packs may be purchased one-at-a-time. Based on your needs, you can purchase the Explorer Pack or the Accelerator Pack. For details on these plan types, click on Buy Credits in the app.

  • Can I buy an unlimited plan instead of using credits?
    Yes, you can talk to sales for an enterprise plan. In the app, you can click Get in touch > Contact Sales. Or, head to our Contact Us page and connect with us via General Inquiry > Contact Us > Contact Sales. Someone will be in touch quickly!

  • Do enterprise accounts need credits?
    No, enterprise accounts have unlimited usage and additional features, as noted in the table above.

  • How will I be billed?
    You will pay for credits upfront through our secure Stripe invoice service. After a successful transaction, you will receive a receipt of payment in your email.

  • I bought credits but I don’t see them added to my account. What should I do? 
    Refresh your browser. If you still don’t see them, reach out directly to us at

  • I bought credits but I’ve changed my mind. How do I get a refund? 
    All charges incurred on DataRobot, and all purchases of DataRobot Credits are payable in advance and final and are non-refundable.

  • Can I give my credits to my co-worker or someone on my team? 
    Credits are not transferable.

  • Do my credits expire? 
    Credits expire 6 months from the purchase date.

  • How can I access my purchase history?
    Go to the Purchases tab of your DataRobot Account page to view all purchase history.
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