AI Test

AI Test

Hello there,

I have just signed up for the trial and would like to upload a pdf to explore AI text. However, the 'import your data' section does not allow me to upload pdfs. May I please have your advice?


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DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Hi @LucyGreen ,


Thanks for signing up for the AI Platform Trial!


As @anthonymaverick pointed out, we currently do not have support for importing PDF files natively into the DataRobot Platform.


That being said, could you please describe the use case/problem you are trying to solve using Text data?


If you would like to quickly explore Text-related insights that the DataRobot Platform Trial offers, you can use one of the example common use case projects called "Hospital Readmission" available from the Create New Project page (see screenshot below).


trial-new-project-hospital-readmission.pngThis example dataset contains three Text features:

  • diag_1_desc
  • diag_2_desc
  • diag_3_desc

Within the example project, you can inspect the Word Cloud insights either by clicking on the Text features from the Data page or by navigating to the Models -> Insights -> Word Cloud page (see screenshot below).



For more information on the Word Cloud insight, take a look at the Platform documentation tutorial guide:


Hope this helps!



Alex Shoop