Future List

Future List

Would like to know if can a person update a future list once created ? On DataRobot 


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Hey @Siya_Tshaya,

You can only update its name and description, not features. I think this is because if you've already trained a model on a feature list, if you then change the features in the list that model would be out of sync.

@sallyS  you spot on I would like to know if is it possible to update a Feature-List once created 

Okay, looking at this and wondering if you mean "Feature List?" Are you asking if you can modify a custom-created feature list? This question makes sense to me. Let us know!

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Hey @Siya_Tshaya! Thanks for the question. Can you give me a bit more context? What are you trying to do? more info will help get your answer from the community quicker 🙂

~ Will look for your reply