how to download my data back from DataRobot?

how to download my data back from DataRobot?

I have a project on DataRobot. Now I want to view the training data and now I don't remember which one was it that I need to download it back from DataRobot. Can't find an UI on the web page to do that.


Please direct me to the web UI or a little hint of python to do that.

Thank you very much! 


H.C. Chen 


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The data stored inside the DataRobot project is not available for downloading back for the reason of protecting your data, so access to your project doesn't grant access to your data. 
You may compare which dataset is used by going to the "Data" tab where you can see the number of features and records, or click "View Raw Data" to compare by the partition of raw data was used in the project. 
If you would like to have the ability to download datasets back or share them in the future, please consider using "AI Catalog" first to store data, and to be a source for the project.