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Quick Start - not able to move forward after import of data

Quick Start - not able to move forward after import of data

I imported the data set in the Quick Start - the import step shows all Green. However I am not able to move forward - unable to figure out what is the issue!

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So I was able to see the datafile within the AI Catalog. I thought I was being clever in downloading the file from the hamburger, but I think it just downloads the original .csv file again. Below are some screen-shots of the file residing in the AI Catalog:


Again I downloaded it from the hamburger in the upper-right:


I renamed the downloaded dataset to something "Interpolated."


But where should I retrieve this data from?

Wow is getting a little exciting. Thank you. Unfortunately the devil resides is some details. Please see the following screen shot:




This is what the interactive menu showed before I did anything related to the Series ID. Having explored the documentation it looks like maybe I should have used my Truck field for the Series ID, but am not sure. Please advise here.

Some other interesting tidbits + features (pun intended) follow:

  1. You can see that I used the Mean and Most Recent value for the Target Imputation. That looks slightly more Kosher than the SUM & Zero.
  2. For the Categorical Feature Imputation I set it to "most frequent." That seems like a better, more Kosher choice, than the last option.
  3. And my last present observation is that the number of Rows in this revised dataset is equal to the number of rows between my min & max.

I am next going to review what I think is the new dataset within the AI Catalog that is more suitable for TimeSeries analyses.

Again, DataRobot is very good at removing the coding aspect that I am accustomed to over the course of many weeks/months. Miss it a bit though... Imputation can be fun!

DataRobot Alumni

If you have weekdays mainly, go to first AI Catalog, upload your dataset to AI Catalog, and then you will see a humberger on your top right, click on it, and then choose prepare dataset for time-series, else:
If the invoiceDate is not continuous, when choosing TS, choose row instead of date base.
Here is an example:
After deciding on the date, go to Automated Time Series, and if you have series add the series, but then 

Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 1.46.36 PM.png


If you get an error, choose row.  You can also click on Time Series Data Prep which will take you to AI Catalog where the data can be cleaned. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 1.47.53 PM.png


Am also thinking that perhaps my InvoiceDate is faulty because of the gaps in there. It is not continuous, and it is mainly weekdays.

Just an idea...



DataRobot Alumni

In advance option go to Time Series, and let's see what shows up (Print screen and share it here)

I tried removing the InvoiceDate already hoping that it would Trigger the Start, but it did not. 

But the instructions on my screen are different from what you suggest. Below is a picture of my available options for TS forecasting & nowcasting.



If I next click on the Forecasting button then it brings me to:




It does not permit me to use the Truck as my series name.

But if I click on Show Advanced Options it looks pretty different from the provided example:



That specifically was where I got the idea of my date not being formatted correctly.

DataRobot Alumni

If it is a simple Regression, just remove the date from What is the primary date , and then the Start button will become responsive.

DataRobot Alumni

The reason it is not going because it is assuming it is a time-series regression model so, click on automated time series, and follow the steps.   Please see further help in here

Actually neither as the picture hopefully shows how I am starting with a simple regression. My Dependent or Response variable here is OrderWeight - and it is a continuous/numeric field. One idea that I am thinking could be the culprit here is the InvoiceDate field. Typically when it is read in via Praxata it sees it as a string field to be cast as Date in one of the Praxata steps. I think that the date was autodetected here shortly after reading in the .csv. Am thinking maybe that the model is waiting for me to absolutely declare it as Date??? but just an idea.