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Quick Start - not able to move forward after import of data

Quick Start - not able to move forward after import of data

I imported the data set in the Quick Start - the import step shows all Green. However I am not able to move forward - unable to figure out what is the issue!

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You can take the instructor-led DataRobot AutoML I class ( ) to get a foundation to use the platform for conventional or standard machine learning modeling and then take the instructor-led Time Series Modelling class ( ) to understand how to use it for Time Series problems and determine which is more applicable to your specific use-case.


The courses also cover how to define the appropriate unit of analysis and target, as well as how to look out for target leakage and many other relevant topics to help you conduct successful projects with the DataRobot platform.


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Because you have premium option, you can also choose instructor led classes.

Yes please delete them if it is easy enough for you. I apologize for not continuing to push myself enough.

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DataRobot Employee would you like me to delete the previous 2 posts (the one about DRU feedback and the one saying you are trying to delete it)? Not suggesting to do so, but if you'd like me to, I'd be happy to.

NEVER MIND - I THINK I FIGURED WHAT I DID INCORRECTLY - Tring to delete my previous message

I completely agree that doing the DRU courses will be very valuable. A problem that I am having is with some of the basic or beginning labs:


This is very early in the instructions.

Even my graph in the upper-right is different from the instructions:



The following snapshot of the Time-Aware modeling sets the Default prediction window to 7 days. I set it to 30 per the instructions and receive the following error:


I still get the same error when setting the window to 7 days instead of 30.



 I normally would not care a lot about minor differences especially with different versions, but I worry how difficult it will be to follow the lessons after even having problems with the  early ones. Am currently thinking instructor-led courses may be an ideal solution? Please advise on the best strategy, and this is a summary of why I wish to try and bypass some of the DRU offerings. Please let me know if or if not this is the correct forum for discussing such issues.


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 I just checked and you do have premium Subscription to DRU.  Please take advantage of it, as the courses are hands on.

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If you are just forecasting order weight irrelevant of a truck, than you don't have a series, and you should just ignore the truck series id.  So, when filling Prepare dataset for Time-series, just don't fill the series id section.  
Here are the three steps:
1.  Fill the form for prepare dataset for time series

Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 7.45.12 AM.png

This is what you will get, as you notice a suffix was added at the end of the original dataset name, and it is still registering.  





whenNow that the dataset is registereted, just click on create ProjectScreen Shot 2022-07-08 at 7.46.28 AM.pngScreen Shot 2022-07-08 at 7.47.08 AM.png


This is where I am currently at. Am a little embarrassed that I am drawing a blank on what to do next.

Please take an easy look at some of my other questions within this thread for other specific areas such as the need, or not, of defining the Series and where/when should that occur, as well as how to check the quality of my work through the many steps.

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Now, just click on create a project.  You don't need to download the clean dataset