Some AI Platform Trial sign-Ups are not getting approved

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Some AI Platform Trial sign-Ups are not getting approved

At this time, some users who register for the AI Platform Trial may not get approved and sent their welcome email with next steps. This is caused by an issue in our provisioning system, which we are working to fix ASAP. 

Until the issue is resolved we will not be approving new requests, but we will provide an update when the issue is resolved and be sure to get all pending requests reviewed swiftly.

Thank you for your patience and we're sorry for the disruption.

- The DataRobot AI Platform Trial team

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Thank you.  

Sorry for the trouble you are experiencing @travel1387. I am going to email you a link (it is unique to you) to login and hopefully this will put you right into the on-boarding process.

Hi @travel1387 - very sorry you've not had success getting help on your password! The team has been notified now and will get back to you shortly. 


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I've tried to reset my password many times and it isn't working.

I've called the main number, left messages, it goes directly to vmail.  

Love the platform.  Concerned that I may not be able to reach a live person for things like password resets.  

UPDATE: Everything is back to normal and all affected accounts have been corrected.

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Update: The issue has been resolved and we are working right now to get all affected accounts corrected. Thank you for your patience while we got this straightened out.