Un supervised ML Algos

Un supervised ML Algos

Does Data Robot provides Un Supervised analysis as well 

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@Madhu Thanks for your questions about clustering and other unsupervised data mining approaches. 

While the platform doesn’t currently support explicit clustering or data mining techniques like you’ve described as a modeling-mode aside from anomaly detection, many of the blueprints actually do this work 'under the covers'. I can chat with you offline about your specific use case and how we can extract that type of info that you're looking for. If you're interested, please send me an email (jarred.bultema at datarobot.com) and we can discuss further.


apricate on your quick response. 

if am  looking for  mining the natural patterns in data like after giving my dataset can it recommend some good clusters in the data and explanation of those clusters 

Also does it have recommendation engine like collaborative filtering 

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Hi @Madhu - DataRobot can do unsupervised machine learning, yes. 

Rather than copying and pasting an response, I'll point you to @duncanrenfrow's answer here to this question from another community member: https://community.datarobot.com/t5/platform/can-datarobot-be-used-to-solve-unsupervised-problems/m-p...

And point you to a few community articles about how to do unsupervised machine learning with DataRobot:
Anti-Money Laundering with Outlier Detection
Anomaly Detection

hope this helps!

Do you have more specific details for your question? a specific use case in mind?



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