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Visual AI to detect the damage on car with border and labels

Visual AI to detect the damage on car with border and labels


I am looking for a model that can identify different types of defects such as dents, damages, color damage on an assembled part to provide the inspection details to the quality team automated. I didn't see such a model in automated tool that has the capability. Can  someone please guide me on that?

Thank you


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There is a car damage dataset available on Kaggle.  I was able to download it and then I zipped the training folder into one file.  I was able to upload that file and build image classification models on the car damage dataset.

DataRobot Alumni

The image classification capabilities in DataRobot can be used to perform that type of analysis.  However, the starting point is having a dataset for training the model.  I have found it difficult to find publicly available datasets that show car damage.  

One of my collegues may have such a dataset that shows no damage, minor damage, and major damage. I am looking for it now and will update this post with that info.  Once you have the dataset, then you can use DataRobot to train a model to recognize the severity of damage.  The image classification in DataRobot easily handles a 100 categories.  If you have a labeled dataset, you can then test out the performance.

How does that sound?