What is the URL for Trial Login ?

What is the URL for Trial Login ?

What is the URL for the Trial Login ? I completed signup and moved directly into the login page and forgot to bookmark the URL. I was able to experiment with some models and Paxata. However, for unrelated reasons, I had to restart my computer and wish to log back in but cannot find the URL for trial logins. I tried using
https://k8s-trial.paxata.com/domain/drauth/#/login but that server appears to be down (at least as of this posting 4:28 PM EST). Every Google search leads me back to the main DR page which only offers a link to the trial signup. I can also find the DR Community page. Thanks,

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it is now 2023 and the url is still unreachable

Correct, we are aware. You can subscribe to updates and/or follow status here: https://status.datarobot.com/.

Thanks. Much appreciated.  It also looks like you guys are aware of the outage with the DataPrep Paxdata service which is what I was working on when the connection was lost. Thx again

Hi @justai - you can go to app2.datarobot.com. Please let me know if that works!