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Can datarobot run sentiment analysis?

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Can datarobot run sentiment analysis?

I have a twitter text data that I would like to predict its sentiment . I couldn't find any model specifying sentiment analysis in models menu.


What i want to know:

1- I would like to know if datarobot can run sentiment analysis? 

2- If can, how can I use it ? (link)

3- If can,  can I run it on Japanese text?

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Hi osamub,

1) DataRobot doesn't have any pre-trained sentiment models. You need to train a new model using labeled data.
2) Do you have any tagged data? If so, we can help you train your own custom sentiment model. Just post back here if you want instructions.
3) DataRobot is specially designed to read Japanese text e.g. parsing Japanese text into words before scoring.



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