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Consider On-Premise Community Version

Image Sensor

Please consider providing a downloadable community version of DataRobot that does not expire, and can be run directly on major operating systems and cloud environments as well as available as a pre-built Linux virtual machine. A community version benefits both DataRobot and users. It potentially leads to increased adoption of the platform as it gives users enough time to understand the platform without the pressure of the 14 -day trial, affords those with time constraints and those brand new to data science the space to learn the product, and gives users enough time to build and pitch use cases to management and stakeholders. The community version would also enable DataRobot (as well as ordinary AI) advocates and enthusiasts to develop material for blogs, workshops and courses around DataRobot, exposing the platform to a bigger and wider population. I am using the DataRobot platform in 10x Academy and I really like the product. But I'm sad I soon won't be able to access it when my session is over.

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DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Thank you for your feedback @sdfungayi. I will definitely share this with our team.

Our self-service offering is continuing to grow and currently offers users credits that are good for 6 months. We hope that you will stay tuned to see all the great things going on with the product this year.