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Have we got tours? We sure do!

DataRobot Alumni

Have we got tours? We sure do!

At first glance, it's easy to see that DataRobot is packed with features and loads of ML functionality. Where should you start? What should you click first? And after that? All good questions!

Using feedback provided from users, we've developed several tours to help you get the most out of DataRobot and get to success quickly. These click-by-click tours are available at to show you the basics:

  • Build AI Models — This tour will show you just how fast you can go from importing data to building predictive models. We even throw in a peek at the preparation and insights DataRobot provides along the way.

  • Explore Model Insights — This short tour will walk you through how to investigate models you’ve already created in DataRobot and better understand your data.

  • Consume AI Models — This tour enable business users to consume predictive insights from a simple application.

  • Manage and Monitor Models -- This tour shows the basics of how to deploy, monitor, manage, and govern all your models in production.

Once you experience DataRobot through our short tours, log in to your AI Cloud Platform Trial account to get going! (Don’t have an account yet? Get started here).


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