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Image processing

Blue LED

Image processing

For a Visual AI model using images as features, is there a way to combine 2 or more image features (e.g., feat1, feat2) into 1 feature, for use in the model blueprint?

For example, if I split a photo of a building into part1 and part2, can I stitch part1 and part2 back into 1 photo within a blueprint task? 

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Blue LED


I think you can use python code to combine images to any shape you want then input to Visual AI.

sample code here

import cv2

import numpy as np

image1 = cv2.cvtColor(image1_path, cv2.COLOR_BGR2RGB)

image1 = cv2.resize(image1, (size/2, size))

image2 = cv2.cvtColor(image2_path, cv2.COLOR_BGR2RGB)

image2 = cv2.resize(image2, (size/2, size))

outputImage = np.zeros((size, size, 3))

outputImage[0:size/2, 0:size] = image1

outputImage[size/2:size, 0:size] = image2

cv2.imwrite(output_path, outputImage)
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To clarify, I want to combine 2 image features within DataRobot. For example, using a custom blueprint. It appears the code you shared would run before loading any data into Datarobot.

I would like the code to run within DataRobot.

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