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Model Export

Model Export

I am currently using the trial version, but before purchasing Prime, etc., I would like to see a model from a dataset that I currently have, and have processed.  My question is, is there a way to export a model that I currently find interesting?  How can I do this using the trial version?

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DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Hi ,


Thanks for your question.


Could you please clarify what you mean when you're asking you would like to "see" a model?


If you want to see the pre-processing steps done on each data-type for the model, you can go to Describe -> Blueprint to see the blueprint diagram for the model.


If you want to export your model outside of the AI Platform trial, that is not possible in the platform trial.


If you are interested to learn more about "Model Export" capabilities in the full-version of DataRobot, please take a look at the "Exporting models for transfer" section in our platform documentation website (LINK).


Hope this helps.



Alex Shoop