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No access to time serier modeling in trial?

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No access to time serier modeling in trial?

I uploaded a multi-time series data sets to dataroboat. 

However, I can only use one mode called  'automated machine learning with backtesting'. The other two modes are disabled.  Upon clicking the time series forecast mode, i was prompted the error of "you have no access to time series modeling'. Can you advise?




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Hi @metaworld ,

The Academic Support Program (ASP) utilizes our trial instance to deliver accounts to students free of charge who are members of the program, so those accounts do work within the parameters of what the trial instance of our platform is currently offering. 

I'll make sure to pass this on to our product team that you would appreciate having access to AutoTS with your academic account, and I'll make a note to update the thread here if I receive any news of plans to do this. 




I've the same problem to access the AutoTS and really need this function. Can you please explain more in what kind of situation that DataRobot could release the bar for the academic users?

Thank you!

DataRobot Alumni

Hi @tinaly - Right now, AI Cloud Platform Trial does not support time series model (i.e., AutoTS). This is explained in the Getting Started in the AI Cloud Platform Trial guide. Please feel free to follow up here. 

- linda

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