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Problem for finding and using Eureqa

Problem for finding and using Eureqa

Dear Team,


Many thanks for your support. I used to use the Eureqa trial to generate the correlation for prediction. However, this software does not work anymore.

I just got an account at this website to use 14 days for free. Unfortunately, I am not able to find Eureqa on this platform. I am currently a fellow at University. 

I read all responses to the question to Eureqa. Some of the links do not work. I also cannot find the description here (

I am wondering if you please contact me or reply to this message. 


Best regads,


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DataRobot Alumni

Hi @alirezazb -

In this post I linked two tips for finding the Eureqa models and finding the model formula. 

As mentioned in the Community News and Updates—July 2021 (linked from the post), we've archived the community's Eureqa academic content.

Please have a look at the post and links and let me know if you need more help.

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