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Good day I would like to be corrected with regards to the below issue which would be a good definition of defining a problem type out of the below scenario.

Predicting whether or not a patient is likely to be readmitted on their initial discharge date is an example of the following problem type.


2.Text Processing

3.Time Series


5.Anomaly Detection


I would take it that it's a Regression problem type.
Could you please assist.




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DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

@Siya_Tshaya if we are predicting a “whether or not”  outcome, that seems like we have 2 distinct outcomes and want to predict which outcome is more likely — a patient being readmitted, or not readmitted. Does that still seem like a regression target problem?

Community Team
Community Team

@Siya_Tshaya if you're looking for some reading material to help you figure this out, you can check out these:
What is Regression? (from

Confusion Matrix (for multiclass models) (from the DataRobot product docs) 

- linda

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