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Run predictions with API on zip folder instead of csv file

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I am trying to use the Predictions API to run predictions on images in a zipped folder. I can upload the zip folder on the UI predict but I want to use the API.


For example, instead of using this:



python <input-file.csv> <output-file.csv> <deployment_id> --api_key=<API_KEY> --host=



I want to do something like this:



python <> <output-results-file.csv> <deployment_id> --api_key=<API_KEY> --host=



Or same question but with this command line:

How can I do this?


Thank you!


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Hey @MargauxMMF

The code for uploading a zip file is the same for uploading a CSV, you just need to make sure that the zip is structured correctly (post on correct structuring here).


import datarobot as dr
dr.Client(token='', endpoint='')



With that in mind your command should work for both CSV and ZIP.

All the best,