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Trial Expiration: How do I view remaining time or credits?

DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Depending on the type of trial provisioned, you will have a number of days or number of credits remaining before your trial account moves into a read-only status

How do you know where to find the amount of time or credits remaining? 

  1. In the AI Cloud Platform Trial, click the DataRobot Logo in the top left hand corner to be directed to the AI Cloud Platform Home. 
  2. Highlighted below, you will see the allotted time or credits remaining in your trial.
    • Below: Example of a credit balanceCyant_DR_0-1630536767781.png
    • Below: Example of days remainingCyant_DR_1-1630536767722.png

If you have additional questions regarding your length of trial or if you’d like an extension, please reach out to or leave a comment on this Community post and I’ll follow-up with you to give you additional information. 

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