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I am Teotima, one of the user of Eureqa since I use this in my master’s degree thesis and in my research paper.  I am very interested to use Eureqa especially in my research on predicting the seismic signal of an earthquake in the Philippines

Since the product key given to me was expired now, I can not use the Eureqa . Can I ask a favor?


I am writing my dissertation now since I am a Ph. D in Applied Mathematics student in University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines formerly Mindanao University of Science and Technology. I am also writing many research paper now. Could you please help me acquire back the Eureqa software for academicians?


I hope that nutonian can still give me a chance to acquire back the academic key for using the eureqa


Thank you and more power to Nutonian




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Community Team
Community Team

Hi Teotima,

Great to hear from you and how you're using Eureqa. We're very happy to help you continue that work.

You should be able to get an academic license here:

Please try this link and reply back here to let us know that you're able to use Eureqa again, or if you have further questions.

Best of luck in your studies.