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Finding DataRobot API Documentation

Finding DataRobot API Documentation

This article explains the API documentation that DataRobot provides today and gives you some quick links for accessing it. 

The DataRobot Support site provides a Readme with links to documentation and distributions,  as well as instructions for installing DataRobots API clients for various languages. (This is available to licensed DataRobot customers only.)

Quick links:

  • The current core API documentation is provided from the customer support portal (and available to licensed DataRobot customers only).
  • The R and Python modeling APIs are wrappers around the base REST requests.
  • The DataRobot R client, its documentation, and vignettes are all available on CRAN.
  • The DataRobot Python client is available on PyPI, and documentation can be found here.
    • Examples of the DataRobot Python client being used to model airline and financial data are available here.
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I'm using C# to hit the REST APIs. As client is not available for C#, is there a list of url endpoints? 

I'm trying to modify this sample to run in manual mode -

as I only need to train one specific blueprint/model.

Hi iluveu28,

Just to clarify, is there a particular end point you can't seem to find? 


I finally found the right doc and got it to work. Thanks