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holdout period selection

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how to select holdout period basis specific year month values (e.g. holdout between 20003 to 20008) instead of percent of data basis as shown in the advanced setting portion

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DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee

Hi Aman, to give you a direct technical answer to this question that I think can help, check out the partitioning options in this article: Modeling Options  - it sounds like Partition Feature could get you to what you want; I'll note in-app it is expecting a feature with 2 to 100 values.

That being said, depending on your project, you may be interested in things like our automated time series functionality or creating projects with OTV (Out-of-Time-Validation) - also see: Automated Time Series vs. OTV.  You may additionally find this thread interesting as it contains a walkthrough of creating both a time series and an OTV project:  time series data predict single output.