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performance comparison data

performance comparison data

I'm looking for comparative data from Datarobot, google, sagemaker, and MS.

how can i find it?

I can't find the information on the datarobot site


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DataRobot Alumni

Can you please clarify?  I don't understand what you are trying to compare.

thank u for ur reply


I want to compare for ML result, Datarobot vs other products

For example

Condition: same dataset or Similar dataset


              Datarobot                  sagemarker       googleML    MSML

Accuracy      0.98                        0.99               0.95       0.97

Time           1:57:07                  1:54:12              1:52:29     1:53:01


And want to know the main feature too about them

Example format:

              Datarobot       sagemarker     google    ms

Functionality   .





Easy to use


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