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Data Scientist
Data Scientist

Blending models together actually provides even better models!  In this blog post, I explain the straightforward process for building blended models with DataRobot.


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Community v1.5 Phase 2 is here!
We're pleased to announce that Phase 2 of the DataRobot Community UI/UX revamp is now live! In this phase we updated the layout of the Ask category to make it fast and easy to navigate all the topics and solutions from experts and peers. Look here for more info on Phase 2, and for what's coming next.

New to DataRobot? Check out all the resources to help you get going quickly! See the quick index for Knowledge Base Resources and quick index for Learning Sessions to find links to some great learning content.

DataRobot Release 6.3 has arrived!
Check out all the great new features. To make sure you get a chance to hear about all the changes and ask your questions, Richard (Senior Director of Product Marketing) put together and presented a DataRobot Release 6.3 webinar. Check it out on-demand, and let us know if you are looking for more details!
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