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Get Started with DataRobot x Zepl Now

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DataRobot Employee
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Hi Community Members!

We hope that you have had a chance to read the latest exciting news from DataRobot about the acquisition of Zepl! DataRobot will incorporate Zepl as a cloud-native, self-service notebook in its enterprise AI platform to drive productivity, efficiency, and collaboration for multiple personas. Together, we will 10x our world-class AI platform by dramatically increasing the flexibility of DataRobot for data scientists who love to code.

Starting today, current DataRobot customers and prospects have the opportunity to use Zepl for free. We already have a robust and growing library of prebuilt templates that enable collaboration between Zepl and DataRobot for many common use cases and scenarios. There’s tremendous power in understanding—through code in the Zepl environment—just how easy it is to build model factories within DataRobot. In just five minutes you will be up and running!

Are you ready to discover what you can do to 10x your projects? Sign up for Zepl’s public trial here, or if you’re currently a DataRobot customer contact your account team.



Please join me in welcoming the Zepl team! And, if you have questions about what I’ve shared here or the integration itself, please @ me in the comments (below).

- Tricia Lee McNabb

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Blue LED

this is a key aquisition

nice job datarobot

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