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What's New in DataRobot Release 6.2?

Community Team
Community Team
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DataRobot 6.2 has arrived!

DataRobot Release 6.2 is here! It is packed with innovation for every step of your AI journey, from data to value. The release includes enhanced automated feature discovery (feature engineering), a new comprehensive Autopilot mode for maximum accuracy when you need it, anomaly assessment insights to help you uncover root cause, governed approval workflows in MLOps, and much, much more.

We would very much like to walk you through all of the details of the release in a live environment, but until then, here are some highlights of the release. (And tell us what you think of this release announcement and demos, as well as 6.2 features!)

You can learn more about these features in our the recent 6.2 Release webinar (watch now on-demand), or request a live demo. Here are some of the main highlights of the release:

  • Next-Level Feature Discovery: An enhanced dataset relationship workflow, makes it much easier to select multiple datasets, and define, edit, and visualize all your relationships at the same time. You can now access logs to get details on which features were explored, discarded, and generated. You can also download the full training dataset, including all the derived features.
  • Comprehensive Autopilot Mode (PUBLIC BETA): This new mode runs every single model in the repository for your project, taking as long as necessary to maximize accuracy when you need it most. We also have a new Get More Accuracy feature, so you can kick off Autopilot in Quick mode, then start Comprehensive mode only after you’ve seen your initial results.
  • Anomaly Assessment Insights: New in Automated Time Series 6.2, this interactive visualization allows you to quickly investigate anomalies and anomalous regions in your data, and access SHAP scores for the underlying features causing the anomaly. This allows you to understand the root cause, as well as be able to explore all of your anomalies, panning through different time segments and zooming in to see the detail.
  • Model Comparison Reimagined: The ability to compare models has taken a huge leap forward in Release 6.2. We worked with our most experienced data scientists to give you the best possible user experience where you can compare models and choose the best for deployment. We have enhanced the Lift Charts, ROC Curve, and Profit Curve, added support for more bins, and have added new tooltips to enhance overall ease of use.
  • Governed Approval Workflows: Customizable governance policies and review and approval workflows come to MLOps in 6.2. This introduces accountability in your production AI, and enables you to continue to deploy and manage production models while at the same time increasing your overall level of AI governance for your entire organization.
  • Connect to Remote Repositories: We recognize that your data science teams often govern and manage their models in popular open source code repositories. In Release 6.2, MLOps allows you to connect directly to your GitHub and S3 repositories and dynamically pull model code and model artifacts into DataRobot, making it simple to package, test, deploy, and monitor them in your production environment of choice.

These are just a few of the great new features that we have added based on your feedback. When combined with your ideas, capabilities like these help make your organization truly AI-enabled. For a complete list of all of the new and enhanced features included in DataRobot Release 6.2, please visit the DataRobot Community or our customer support portal.

Public Beta features

Every DataRobot release includes some features that have been tested by our engineering and quality teams, and are available for preview by a limited number of users. If you're a customer and are interested in giving some of these features a try, contact your CFDS or account executive for details on how you can participate.

Here are some public beta features you can check out now:

  • AI Catalog enhancements for impact analysis
  • Portable Prediction Servers
  • Comprehensive modeling mode
  • Enhanced ability to control stopwords via API
  • Quantile regression for AutoML
  • Lemmatizers for English text with WordNet and Spacy
  •  and more!

Resources for this release

We’ve created a series of demo videos to help you understand the changes and guide you while using this release. Also, blogs are published periodically so please make sure to check our blog portal often. For the best experience, you can also subscribe to our blog and we’ll notify you when new blogs are posted.

Below are demo videos for many of the new and updated features.


Segmented Analysis
(copy and share link to this demo)
Usability Enhancements
(copy and share link to this demo)
Portable Prediction Servers
(copy and share link to this demo)
Custom Model Dependencies
(copy and share link to this demo)
Custom Model Testing Enhancements
(copy and share link to this demo)

UI/UX Workflow Enhancements

Maintenance Notifications
(copy and share link to this demo)
Prediction Thresholds
(copy and share link to this demo)
Remove All Jobs
(copy and share link to this demo)

Modeling and Evaluation

Comprehensive Autopilot Mode
(copy and share link to this demo)
Compliance Document Template Builder
(copy and share link to this demo)
Model Comparison Reimagined
(copy and share link to this demo)
Humble AI Enhancements
(copy and share link to this demo)
Download Feature Discovery Values
(copy and share link to this demo)

Time Series

Forecast vs Actuals
(copy and share link to this demo)
Anomaly Assessment Insight
(copy and share link to this demo)

More information about the release

Make sure to join the release 6.2 webinar which will provide an overview of these new features and product demonstrations.

More information for DataRobot users: search in-app Platform Documentation for Release Center, and find the Version 6.2.0 release notes for AutoML or MLOps.

Tell us what you think

If this material is helpful, let us know. If you still have questions about the release, let us know. Other DataRobot Community members and our DataRobot experts will help fill in any blanks, and your feedback is critical to helping us get better. Click Comment and let us know.

Blue LED

these demos are really helpful - thanks

Community Team
Community Team

Hi Good to hear. If there are anymore you'd like to see, please let us know. Thanks for your feedback!

- linda

Jumper Wires

Can we set user quota in DataRobot 6.2? If that feature is available, where do we set that?

Community Team
Community Team

Hi @vpallerl - are you asking about a user quota for the DataRobot Platform itself? (assuming an on-premise installation), or user quota for maybe sharing a specific model or sharing dataset, etc? Or something else? 

Jumper Wires

For the user disk quota so that the user can be set with a limitation on the disk consumption.


Appreciate if you could also share any documentation for the user quota for other things like you mentioned for sharing a specific model/sharing dataset as well.


Community Team
Community Team

Hi again @vpallerl -

DataRobot doesn't have options to control disk quota consumption per user. Instead, users are limited by computing resources (modeling workers) and the volume of data they can upload at a time, i.e., file upload size. If you have more questions like these, please reach out directly to DataRobot Customer Support.


Also, you can find information about sharing projects in the in-app Platform Documentation.

Jumper Wires

Thank you

BIG NEWS: The DataRobot Community is getting a new look!
Here is some more information about our plans for Community 2.0. In an effort to provide you with fast, easy help for all of your DataRobot questions, we started by reorganizing content. You will continue to see updates as we move forward, but don’t worry—we will keep you updated over in Community News.

New to DataRobot? Check out all the resources to help you get going quickly! See the quick index for Knowledge Base Resources and quick index for Learning Sessions to find links to some great learning content.

DataRobot Release 6.3 has arrived!

Check out all the great new features. To make sure you get a chance to hear about all the changes and ask your questions, Richard (Senior Director of Product Marketing) put together and presented a DataRobot Release 6.3 webinar. Check it out on-demand, and let us know if you are looking for more details!