Announcing the Launch of the DataRobot Learning Center

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Today, we're announcing the launch of the DataRobot Learning Center, which is designed to help our users learn how to use the DataRobot platform in a self-paced manner. The Learning Center is built with our users' learning needs in mind, to give them a platform to answer their questions on-demand. We also continue to see that our users have different needs: sometimes there are specific topics that they want to explore, while at other times they benefit from a more structured learning experience.


We wanted to create a structure that feels familiar but that also deeply and uniquely connects our users to DataRobot experts and essential documentation and learning tools. You'll find all this and more within the various sections of the Learning Center.

Learning Center

While you may arrive at the community for a variety of reasons, as a user looking to learn about the platform, you will want a way to search for questions similar to your own, follow a structured sequence (we call it a 'learning path'), and learn about upcoming customer events like webinars, etc. You'll find all that within the DataRobot Community.


Webinars are a great way to interact with DataRobot experts on topics like Data Modeling, Data Engineering, and Business- and Industry-specific topics on AI. You can you sign up for upcoming webinars as well as view prior-recorded videos on-demand and at your convenience. Through interactive forums, you can ask your specific questions of DataRobot experts.

AI-Guided Learning

As an early-stage user of the DataRobot platform, you'll want to discover the platform by following the same structured sequence many of our users follow: from simply having a dataset to actually generating business value from it. To ensure you can learn about all the capabilities of the platform, we have created a learning path complete with videos on specific topics as well as exercises and solutions to help solidify your knowledge.


Yet another set of users have specific questions about our platform. For this group we created the Resources section where you can get answers to specific questions that you may have. While searching this section you can find related questions that may already have answers you need.

The DataRobot Learning Center is now open to our users! We welcome and encourage all users to explore the various learning resources, and help grow it into a resource that helps support everyone. Get involved, start asking and answering questions, and be recognized for your efforts.

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This is, I guess, what the majority was waiting for... in this case, a video is better than 10000 words!

Thanks for the effort, I will watch all of them, one by one.

Carlos Acosta

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