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Community Team
Community Team

Have you seen? Phase 3 of the DataRobot Community UI/UX revamp is now live! This phase brought layout updates to the Read category and Search results, as well as improvements to Search functionality. Have a look!


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Community Team
Community Team

We've completed the next phase of the DataRobot Community! Check out what we did and help us make the next phase even better.


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Community Team
Community Team

Hi community members!

As you might already know, the DataRobot Community is undergoing a UI/UX revamp. This revamp is intended to align all aspects and content of your community, to provide you with fast, easy help! In this post, we’re excited to share with you details about what you have to look forward to and when you can expect it.

There are seven phases of the UI/UX revamp:

  • Phase 1: Home Page & Navigation (complete!)
  • Phase 2: Ask (complete!)
  • Phase 3: Read & Search (~early April)
  • Phase 4: Watch (~mid April)
  • Phase 5: Community News & Resources (~mid April)
  • Phase 6: Profile, Badges & more (~late April)

Phase 1: Home Page & Navigation (complete!)

In this phase, which went live on February 12th, we revamped our home page and improved navigation! Read more on Phase 1 here.

Phase 2: Ask (complete!)

In this phase, which went live on March 1st, we revamped discussion forums--the place you go when you want to pose a question to your peers or the experts. This phase brought updates to the layout of the Ask category and discussion forums, so that navigating topics & solutions from experts and peers is fast and easy. Read more on Phase 2 here.

Phase 3: Read & Search (~early April)

When you want to find answers to your own DataRobot questions, reading content from the knowledge base or blog is what you should do! In Phase 3 we are providing essential layout changes to our Read section, enabling you to quickly find the right article for your question. Read more on Phase 3 here.

Phase 4: Watch (~mid April)

If you’re the type of person who likes to learn by watching video tutorials or examples, you will like what’s coming! In Phase 4 we will focus on improvements to the Watch category, providing you with a better view of what is available to watch on-demand and what you can sign up to watch next.

Phase 5: Community News & Resources (~mid April)

In Phase 5, the page layout of both Community News and Community Resources will be updated, providing you with a better overview of what is available and important community announcements.

Phase 6: Profiles, Badges & more (~late April)

Phase 6 will provide updates to user profile and settings, badges, leaderboards, and more! Stay tuned for more details on what's in store for these aspects of your community.

Sneak preview of the updates to come:

New Ask Page:
Ask_Home (1).png


New Search Results Page:Search result.png

Your Feedback!

Your feedback and engagement make the DataRobot Community what it is. Please share your thoughts and questions with us. Comment below, or contact one of your moderators (@lhaviland or @datarobotmeg) if you have anything to share.

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi Everyone!

We’re excited to announce that phase one of the DataRobot Community UI/UX revamp is now live. In this phase, we launched a new & improved home page and new navigation.

Read below to see the changes in more detail.

New Home Page

Our new home page was designed to provide members with fast, easy help–something that we’ve been working on for quite a while! 




After Screenshot.png

AND! We've added links to the places outside of community that our members want to go to most.

Navigation links.png

New Navigation

You may remember that a few months ago we began reorganizing the community by merging boards and categories, with the goal of providing more straightforward navigation. Now, navigation of the community is structured by how you’d like to get help:

  1. Ask a question (discussion forums)
  2. Watch an example video (Learning Sessions/webinars)
  3. Read an article (knowledge base & blogs)





What’s Next?

The home page and navigation changes are just the beginning of what’s to come! We will continue to keep you updated on the UI/UX changes via Community News. We welcome any feedback you might have; comment below or contact one of your moderators, @lhaviland or @datarobotmeg.

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi community members!

We wanted to give you an update on the community UI/UX revamp. 

During the first phase of changes, we’re restyling some components and layouts to make it faster and easier for you to ask & answer questions and find just the right content. Behind the scenes we’ve been doing lots of work to ensure that your community experience remains intact as long as possible, until the “big reveal!”

The new community will be getting kicked off with some small, but super significant (in the long term) changes. A major part of this revamp is to provide you with fast, easy help - so you’ll see an increased focus on asking questions, watching learning sessions and webinars, and reading the great knowledge & learning content.

What you’ll see:

The following changes on the menu:




Be on the lookout for these name changes next week! The content within each board will not change; if you have any problems finding anything after these changes, please reply to us here or contact your moderators, @lhaviland or @datarobotmeg.

What else?

We’re always looking for ideas from our growing community of members! Please let us know what you like, what you don’t like, what you would like more of, etc. We are looking forward to your feedback!

Your community team

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi all!

We’re taking the first steps on the road to Community 2.0 (see more about that initiative here). Today, we will be making changes that consolidate similar content types so they’re easier to find.



Here are the changes you will see:

(1) The discussion boards from the various categories will be consolidated under one new category, Discussions. (Makes sense, right?)lhaviland_1-1602505390850.png

This category (which was renamed from "Platform") will have three sub-categories: Platform, Paxata Data Prep, AI Platform Trial.

  • The Platform sub-category will now contain discussions from these forums: Automated Machine Learning, Automated Time Series, MLOps, and Developer Discussions.
  • The Paxata Data Prep and AI Platform Trial forums will be just the same as before.


(2) Next, the Learning Center category will be renamed to Learning Sessions.


This category will contain one sub-category for now: Sessions. (As Community 2.0 progresses, you’ll soon see more new categories under here, that distinguish on-demand vs. upcoming sessions, and other new features.)


(3) Finally, the knowledge base articles from the various categories will be consolidated under a new category, Knowledge Base. (See what we're doing now?!) 


This category (which was renamed from "DataRobot and AI/ML") will have three sub-categories: Resources, Blogs, Eureqa Academic.

  • The Resources sub-category will contain the KB articles from these places: Learning Center (Resources), Support FAQs, and from the General Knowledge Base.
  • The Blogs sub-category will contain currently published blogs. 
  • The Eureqa Academic sub-category is a rename of the previous Eureqa sub-category; this category includes only Eureqa Academic content.

An important note—all content from these categories will continue to be available in the community after it's moved. If you have any trouble locating something in its new location, or questions about Community 2.0, you can:

We will continue to update you as we roll out the Community 2.0 changes.

~ Your community team

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Community Team
Community Team

Have you been looking for fast, easy help? Look no further than community 2.0, which is right around the corner!


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DataRobot Alumni

Greetings Everyone,

With the Covid-19 pandemic situation unfolding daily, the DataRobot Community team wanted to reach out and express our deepest wishes that this letter finds you all safe with your loved ones. Our heartfelt sympathies to everyone experiencing tragedy or extreme health and economic challenges. We care about our community members and consider you all part of our extended community family. 

Some ways DataRobot is helping:

  • We've opened opened up our platform for the COVID-19 response effort. You can find more here.


  • DataRobot AI for Good is partnering with non-profit organizations to use data to create sustainable and lasting impact. See more information here.



We sincerely appreciate your feedback and are listening closely to your ideas, comments, and guidance as we work to improve your community experience.

We have made changes based on your feedback:

  • Learning Center. This new community area is a great place to start with data science and DataRobot. You can find the quick index of all the content to date here.
  • COVID-19 research. Two weeks ago we launched a self-service version of our platform to aid researchers in the fight against COVID-19. You can get more information here.
  • Developer-focused Ask the Expert Event. Developers can chat with one of our DataRobot developer experts! Information about this event (which ends April 3rd) can be found hereWe value your thoughts and ideas on future ATE event topics. Send suggestions to or via private messages.

Make sure to stay connected, stay engaged, and let us know how we're doing and how we can help. Your feedback matters. We have other terrific features planned for the community, so you'll want to check back often.



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DataRobot Alumni

DataRobot will be performing maintenance on our EU servers ( the weekend of March 7th-8th. There will be a 5 minute periodbetween 3:00 AM EST - 3:05 AM EST (8:00 AM GMT - 8:05 AM GMT) on March 7th, when data may be incorrectly saved. We recommend that you refrain from saving data during this window of time. However, if there is an automated process that saves during this window of time, please ensure you force a manual save of your data after the service window.


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DataRobot Alumni

We want to help make DataRobot better for you! Share your experience with DataRobot by leaving us a review on Gartner Peer Insights and tell us how DataRobot has impacted your work, and how we can make your experience even better and drive even more value for you and your business! All reviews are completely anonymous. 
As a thank you for your review, the first 50 approved reviews will be entered into a random drawing to win one of 5 exclusive DataRobot swag packs, including cool items like DataRobot branded airpods and North Face jackets. 
Thanks as always for being a valued DataRobot user! 

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DataRobot Alumni

Announcing the DataRobot Learning Center: the place for users to discover the DataRobot platform and get started with machine learning. We encourage you to explore the various learning resources as you learn about DataRobot and engage with DataRobot experts and other community members along the way.


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DataRobot Alumni

Greetings Everyone!

It has now been some 3+ months since we launched this brand new experience: DataRobot Community. Thank you so much for your support and guidance. Your terrific feedback has guided us as we worked to create relevant content and continually improve your community experience.

Some of the improvements you may notice include:

  • Text editor updates—New HTML tags have been added to the text editor including: ol, ul, table, tr, td.
  • A major platform update was completed to provide much more stability and responsiveness.
  • Lots of other "behind the scenes" changes and fixes to improve your experience.

Besides these site improvements, we have started changes in some other places:

  • The "Ask the Expert" (ATE) event series has begun! The inaugural event was launched in January, and we plan to host monthly ATE events with different interesting and valuable topics. We value your thoughts and ideas on future ATE event topics. Send in suggestions via or via private messages.
    • We just announced the next Ask the Expert event, February 24 —February 28. You can find it here.
  • We are working closely with the newly acquired Paxata team on a number of initiatives, including the Ask the Expert event on data preparation.
  • New Webinar series that began on February 12. This series is focused on AI Leadership and can be found here.

Stay connected, stay engaged, and let us know how we are doing. Your feedback matters.

We have other terrific features coming to the community, so you'll want to check back often.

Happy Friday (and Happy Valentine's Day)!


P.S. Did you sign in today? 

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DataRobot Alumni

Greetings Everyone,

It's now two months since we launched the DataRobot Community and it has been a terrific year for DataRobot and the community. Much planning and effort has gone into the launch for our community members.

The DataRobot Community is here to answer your AI/ML questions, solve your problems, and address your challenges, whether from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Since the earliest community planning, our most important goal has been to be responsive to the needs of our community members. We will always stay focused on listening to you and your experiences with us.

Since we are at the beginning of our community journey, we hope you will join us, engage with us, and help shape the future of the DataRobot Community for you.

Here are some of the things we have done to improve your community experience:

  • Sign Up / Sign In—Creation of a streamlined experience
  • Navigation—Clear, intuitive, and easy to navigate from any forum to any other forum
  • Search—Powerful search with advanced capabilities
  • Help—For common questions and tips/tricks. We will continue to put an emphasis on to improve help
  • Responsive—On your device of choice
  • Notifications—You choose what you wish to be notified about
  • Subscriptions—You choose what you wish to subscribe to
  • Personalization—Many options to provide you much flexibility in how you wish to personalize your profile in the community. Your privacy is very important.

In the future we will publish newsletters sharing details of features to be launched, community enhancements/improvements, and a surprise or two. So whether you are a Software Developer, Data Engineer, Data Analyst or Data Scientist, stay engaged, participate, and ask questions. Our community is here to empower your AI/ML journey. 

Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Season!

Warmest regards,


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DataRobot Alumni

At DataRobot, our mission is to enable contributors across AI/ML-powered enterprises to solve business problems and realize competitive advantages with enterprise AI.

Whether you’re a Software Developer, Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, an IT Professional, an Executive, or just interested in the rapid disruption unfolding around AI, the DataRobot Community is here to empower you on your journey.

Together, we’ll build something truly special. Come along as we explore some of the key features and functionality of your new home.


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DataRobot Release 7.1 has Arrived!
Have a look at all the new features and enhancements in this release. Also, Richard (Senior Director of Product Marketing) will be hosting the DataRobot Release 7.1 webinar—make sure join that to hear all the details and ask your questions.

DataRobot + Zepl
The acquisition of Zepl and integration of its self-service data science notebook solution provides additional flexibility for data scientists who prefer to code. Jason's blog post provides an end-to-end DataRobot demo that uses Zepl notebooks. You can check out Zepl today.

New to DataRobot? Check out all the resources to help you get going quickly! See the quick index for Knowledge Base Resources and quick index for Learning Sessions to find links to some great learning content.