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Breaktime: Best friend celebration!

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National Pet Day is Monday, April 11th.

The day is dedicated to celebrating those friends who are most happy to see us at the end of the day—whether or not we have food in our hands, but especially when we do have food in our hands. (*)

Let’s take a quick break from neural networks, NLP, Naive Bayes, and overfitting and start showing off our pets today. Got a pup, kitty, or goldfish? Pop a pic on this post! How about a potbelly pig, bearded dragon, or hedgehog? Pop their pics on this post too!

If you celebrate just one holiday this year, make sure it's the one that makes everyone happy: National Pet Day.


(*) If you'd like, check out more ideas on how to observe #NationalPetDay. 

After posting your favorite buddy (or buddies!), make sure to share some kudo love to other members' pets. And when done, feel free to return to machine learning fun but make sure to check back for all the pets. 

Can't wait to see all the shares!

- Linda and the Community team

DataRobot Alumni

I'll go first: Looking forward to celebrating new family member Maverick, who is just as impish as he appears!


Data Scientist
Data Scientist

IMG_5331.JPGPets really are the best!!  Here is Apollo cuddling up with his big sister Valkyrie!


Doctor Youness
Linear Actuator

Congratulation on National Pet Day!

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Yay for pets! 



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