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Community News and Updates—July 2021

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Hey all!

We’ve been heads-down on so many changes to make your community experience better and better. So now we’ve got a few things to catch you up on, and a few more things for you to look forward to.

Check these out today! 

Our web design and development team has been busy making changes that align the Watch and About Community categories with our v1.5 UI/UX roadmap.

Watch changes



About Community changes


In their free time (they actually have that?), the team continued to triage and address the ideas, feedback, and bugs you’ve sent our way to ensure you have the best experience. Keep that feedback coming!

Recently, we added a new board to the Watch category. Quick Feature Demos provides just that: videos that highlight features and workflows key to accomplishing various machine learning tasks in DatRobot. Over time, we’ll be adding new videos that explain the latest, greatest platform changes. Make sure to watch this board for new videos!


These are coming soon!


We have an exciting new blog program to deliver valuable platform usage tips to your community doorstep each week. The DataRobot team is already developing the first tips to be unveiled next week, within the Read category. More information to follow!

To help you get help as fast and easily as possible, we’re going to roll up all boards currently nested under the Data Prep category. When complete, you’ll be able to find all of those valuable discussions directly in the Data Prep category.


Finally, the time is here. With all the new content and features arriving in the community (oh, yes there are more coming!), we’ve been reviewing and organizing the content already there. We’re taking this opportunity to announce the imminent sunsetting of the Eureqa Academic content (under the Read category). The articles here align to the Eureqa Academic licenses, which DataRobot has not provided since 2020. The plan is to remove this content by Thursday, July 15th.

New Content

@jas0n's article illustrates how to use DataRobot for Propensity Score Matching (PSM). His workflow includes two end-to-end demos available as Zepl notebooks (Oh hey, Zepl is part of the DataRobot family now!). DataRobot Release 7.1 is packed with new and updated features, as @RichardT explains and shows with some key feature demos. In this article, @ushukla addresses the familiar question about the future of Data Scientists. Finally, make sure to check out Part 1 of @AndreaKropp's blog series which tackles critical design considerations for HR recruitment algorithms. 

Okay I hope you’re feeling looped in on some of what we've doing recently, and some of the upcoming changes we have planned. Thank you for reading along and getting updated on what we have been up to!

We’re ready to hear from you!

A very heartfelt thank you to all the members who have engaged with us and other community peers, giving feedback on community updates and bugs, answering others’ questions, and more.  

Your feedback and engagement are so valuable and help make the DataRobot Community the place for fast, easy help!

( continue to share your thoughts and questions with us. Comment below, or send a PM to @Linda if you have anything to share. See you in the community!

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