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Community News and Updates—November 2021

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The Community team has been working closely with other DataRobot user resources/content development teams to make sure users can access everything they need to be successful. During November, we worked to streamline the DataRobot Community UX and content, making it easier for you to communicate and collaborate with your peers and others experts. 

Sharing experiences and knowledge is what makes the DataRobot Community special, so please spend a minute or two connecting with others and introducing yourself. We’re looking forward to meeting you there!

Happy with your experience? Want something more? We want to hear from you! Please share your feedback with us in the new Community survey.   


Popular discussions, some from Leaderboard standouts

  1. Ignoring columns, posted by @Bruce discussed using the DataRobot Python API, the ability to ignore and also not ignore columns in training data, and not include independent variables in the output prediction table.
  2. Force feature data type to be non numeric, also from @Bruce, produced a conversation about the different ways to address the use case, via API and the GUI.
  3. Time-series Time-steps: Regular vs Semi-regular - @IraWatt wanted to forecast demand for a product and wondered about the best way to handle semi-regular data.
  4. Two Facts about AI Cloud Platform Trial Expiration - @Cyant_DR explained how AI Cloud Platform trial users can always find the amount of time or credits remaining for their trial, and what to do after it expires. If you are using the AI Cloud Platform trial, you’ll definitely want to check out this post.

(Read more about the November Leaderboard here.)

Popular Tip of the Day posts

A DataRobot Zepl Notebook tip, Formatting Your Paragraph Display, explains the various tools for formatting paragraphs. 

Make sure to read the Iterate Fast by Cloning Projects tip to learn how you can reduce the time needed to complete modeling goals by cloning DataRobot modeling projects.

Beyond the Community

  • In the final post of a three part series describing what is needed for companies to properly govern and ultimately trust their AI systems, Natalie Bucklin discusses how to use DataRobot to evaluate a model for biased behavior
  • The Improving Signal Classification using Visual AI blog post from Abdul Khader Jilani explains how converting data to images can provide greater accuracy for signal classification problems by leveraging multi-modal datasets instead of plain tabular, structured datasets.
  • This month, DataRobot Introduced “AI Cloud for Industries,”  a new initiative that extends AI Cloud platform with unique capabilities and expertise to address growth, risk and scale needs across major industries.

We’ve received great feedback from members like you and many are on our roadmap. Ready to share ideas? Comment here, send email to, or shoot me a Community DM (@Linda)

Thank you!

- Your Community Team


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