Community UI/UX revamp — Phase 1 Complete!

Community Team
Community Team
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Hi Everyone!

We’re excited to announce that phase one of the DataRobot Community UI/UX revamp is now live. In this phase, we launched a new & improved home page and new navigation.

Read below to see the changes in more detail.

New Home Page

Our new home page was designed to provide members with fast, easy help–something that we’ve been working on for quite a while! 




After Screenshot.png

AND! We've added links to the places outside of community that our members want to go to most.

Navigation links.png

New Navigation

You may remember that a few months ago we began reorganizing the community by merging boards and categories, with the goal of providing more straightforward navigation. Now, navigation of the community is structured by how you’d like to get help:

  1. Ask a question (discussion forums)
  2. Watch an example video (Learning Sessions/webinars)
  3. Read an article (knowledge base & blogs)





What’s Next?

The home page and navigation changes are just the beginning of what’s to come! We will continue to keep you updated on the UI/UX changes via Community News. We welcome any feedback you might have; comment below or contact one of your moderators, @lhaviland or @datarobotmeg.

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looks awesome! easy to find things. keep it up!

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YES ^ I AGREE WITH @emilymick and really appreciate the link to github at the top-that was hard to find

Community v1.5 Phase 3 is here!
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DataRobot Release 7.0 is here!
Have a look at all the great innovations and enhancements. To make sure you get a chance to hear about all the changes and ask your questions, Richard (Senior Director of Product Marketing) put together and presented a DataRobot Release 7.0 webinar. Check out the on-demand webinar, and let us know if you are looking for more details!