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Community UI/UX revamp—Phases & Timeline!

DataRobot Employee
DataRobot Employee
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Hi community members!

As you might already know, the DataRobot Community is undergoing a UI/UX revamp. This revamp is intended to align all aspects and content of your community, to provide you with fast, easy help! In this post, we’re excited to share with you details about what you have to look forward to and when you can expect it.

There are seven phases of the UI/UX revamp:

  • Phase 1: Home Page & Navigation (complete!)
  • Phase 2: Ask (complete!)
  • Phase 3: Read & Search (~early April)
  • Phase 4: Watch (~mid April)
  • Phase 5: Community News & Resources (~mid April)
  • Phase 6: Profile, Badges & more (~late April)

Phase 1: Home Page & Navigation (complete!)

In this phase, which went live on February 12th, we revamped our home page and improved navigation! Read more on Phase 1 here.

Phase 2: Ask (complete!)

In this phase, which went live on March 1st, we revamped discussion forums--the place you go when you want to pose a question to your peers or the experts. This phase brought updates to the layout of the Ask category and discussion forums, so that navigating topics & solutions from experts and peers is fast and easy. Read more on Phase 2 here.

Phase 3: Read & Search (~early April)

When you want to find answers to your own DataRobot questions, reading content from the knowledge base or blog is what you should do! In Phase 3 we are providing essential layout changes to our Read section, enabling you to quickly find the right article for your question. Read more on Phase 3 here.

Phase 4: Watch (~mid April)

If you’re the type of person who likes to learn by watching video tutorials or examples, you will like what’s coming! In Phase 4 we will focus on improvements to the Watch category, providing you with a better view of what is available to watch on-demand and what you can sign up to watch next.

Phase 5: Community News & Resources (~mid April)

In Phase 5, the page layout of both Community News and Community Resources will be updated, providing you with a better overview of what is available and important community announcements.

Phase 6: Profiles, Badges & more (~late April)

Phase 6 will provide updates to user profile and settings, badges, leaderboards, and more! Stay tuned for more details on what's in store for these aspects of your community.

Sneak preview of the updates to come:

New Ask Page:
Ask_Home (1).png


New Search Results Page:Search result.png

Your Feedback!

Your feedback and engagement make the DataRobot Community what it is. Please share your thoughts and questions with us. Comment below, or contact one of your moderators (@lhaviland or @datarobotmeg) if you have anything to share.

Welcome to the DataRobot Community!
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