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Some changes you'll see today. How do they look??

Community Team
Community Team
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Another week, another update!

Today, we started—and completed—the reorganization tasks promised in last week's update. Leveraging community member feedback and some internal testing, these changes should make it easier to locate information and understand what's available. 

Here's what we did:

  • Moved all content from the (6) individual boards under Ask > Data Prep directly to Data Prep, and then removed the empty boards. You can now ask and find any Data Prep questions in that single Data Prep board. Simple right? 
  • Archived Read > Eureqa Academic, which contained content related to the Eureqa Academic which is no longer supported. Eureqa models are fully integrated within the DataRobot platform. Look to the in-app platform documentation for help and guidance on their use.

Also, as promised in that same update, today we're excited to announce that we've rolled out a new blog: Tip of the Day (under the Read category). With this new program, you'll get useful advice and insights to help you get the most out the DataRobot platform and AI Platform Trial. Let us know your favorite tips and if you have some to share!


Okay, I think that covers it. As always, let us know what you'd else you'd like to see in your DataRobot Community, and what more we can be doing to help you get fast, easy help.

See you in the community!

- Community team

Need a Tip?
DataRobot experts are putting together some helpful DataRobot usage tips for the platform, trial, features, etc. You can find these easily in the Tip of the Day board (under Read). Let us know if you've found a good one or have a good one to add!

DataRobot Release 7.1
Ready to learn about changes in the latest release? See the What's New in DataRobot Release 7.1? article, and the DataRobot Release 7.1 (on-demand) webinar. If you have questions about the release, you can ask them right here!

DataRobot + Zepl
The acquisition of Zepl and integration of its self-service data science notebook solution provides additional flexibility for data scientists who prefer to code. Jason's blog post provides an end-to-end DataRobot demo that uses Zepl notebooks. You can check out Zepl today.

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