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The BIG Community changes are complete—feedback please!

Community Team
Community Team
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Introducing the Discussions category, where you can ask questions, find help, share findings with peers, and more. We renamed the Ask category and split out "general" discussions and topics into their own category to make it easier for you to find the right help. 


Under Discussions you'll also find Tip of the Day posts; almost everybody can find an interesting or helpful tip here.

Moreover, the work to archive the Read and Watch categories has completed. 



Much of the content moved from the Community will find its way into these other help resources. In fact, some has already been added to the DataRobot documentation; make sure to check it out!

Help Resources at DataRobot

As mentioned in the Community Newsletter for October, these significant content and UX changes will make it easier for you to get the right information.

Here are some of the help resources and how you can use this:

  • Community—“The” place for you to communicate and collaborate with experts and peers 24/7/365, expand and strengthen your network, ask questions, and get and give help.
  • Documentation—Information in a style that suits you best: Platform and API documentation, tutorials, notebooks, glossary, and more.
  • DataRobot University—Practical data science education for solving business problems, with persona-based learning paths, a catalog of courses, and certifications.
  • Pathfinder—Marketplace of Solution Accelerators including Notebooks, AI Apps, Integrations, and more.
  • Also at your fingertips are the DataRobot YouTube channel (with Learning Sessions and more), and the DataRobot Blog. 

Much of the content moved from the Community will find its way into these other help resources. In fact, some has already been added to the Documentation; make sure to check it out!

What's next?

We have projects brewing for new ways to get engaged with SMEs and network with peers, all while getting your questions answered so you can move forward with DataRobot and automated machine learning machine. More on all these initiatives in future updates.

Please comment here with any questions you may have about this work and definitely let us know if you find broken links. 

We're so happy you're here! If you haven't already, check out helpful tips for navigating through the community, as well as guidelines to keep in mind while you're sharing and learning along with the rest of us. Have a look at the latest community newsletter.

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