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Today, we start to move content and rename things!

Community Team
Community Team
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Hi all!

We’re taking the first steps on the road to Community 2.0 (see more about that initiative here). Today, we will be making changes that consolidate similar content types so they’re easier to find.



Here are the changes you will see:

(1) The discussion boards from the various categories will be consolidated under one new category, Discussions. (Makes sense, right?)lhaviland_1-1602505390850.png

This category (which was renamed from "Platform") will have three sub-categories: Platform, Paxata Data Prep, AI Platform Trial.

  • The Platform sub-category will now contain discussions from these forums: Automated Machine Learning, Automated Time Series, MLOps, and Developer Discussions.
  • The Paxata Data Prep and AI Platform Trial forums will be just the same as before.


(2) Next, the Learning Center category will be renamed to Learning Sessions.


This category will contain one sub-category for now: Sessions. (As Community 2.0 progresses, you’ll soon see more new categories under here, that distinguish on-demand vs. upcoming sessions, and other new features.)


(3) Finally, the knowledge base articles from the various categories will be consolidated under a new category, Knowledge Base. (See what we're doing now?!) 


This category (which was renamed from "DataRobot and AI/ML") will have three sub-categories: Resources, Blogs, Eureqa Academic.

  • The Resources sub-category will contain the KB articles from these places: Learning Center (Resources), Support FAQs, and from the General Knowledge Base.
  • The Blogs sub-category will contain currently published blogs. 
  • The Eureqa Academic sub-category is a rename of the previous Eureqa sub-category; this category includes only Eureqa Academic content.

An important note—all content from these categories will continue to be available in the community after it's moved. If you have any trouble locating something in its new location, or questions about Community 2.0, you can:

We will continue to update you as we roll out the Community 2.0 changes.

~ Your community team

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