Accepted solutions and kudos

Hello, and welcome to the DataRobot Community!

Please take some time to get to know the community, the content, and the folks who make the community what it is today. 

You will notice that some of the most popular styles of content are the discussion forums and the Knowledge Base articles (or, KB for short). Among the reasons for their popularity are the vibrancy of activity and solutions to questions you will find there. You will also find folks who think the content is just really awesome and rate it (with kudos).



In the various discussion forums, you are able to post your questions and engage with others on your posts. As an active community, it is common to receive responses and answers to your questions quickly, even within a few hours! When you do receive an answer to your question, you are able to "accept" it as a solution.


You can mark solutions for questions you have authored, and you can identify more than one response in your thread as a solution. This provides fair credit to everyone who has posted a solution to your question. Please note that community moderators can also mark replies as solutions; however, they do so infrequently and only if it's a very obvious resolution to a question.

When you mark a response as a solution, the thread shows a green checkmark in a green box, and provides a link to the thread's solution.



Another cool feature of posts and articles is the ability to apply "kudos" to content articles. Kudos is a rating system for the content, enabling you to rate articles and posts that are most useful, insightful, and important. To apply a kudo, just select the Kudos icon below the post or article.

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