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Q&A Welcome!

Linear Actuator
This is a Question and Answer forum.  It's purpose is for us all to ask for help and provide it for the greater good. The more you contribute, the better this forum becomes.

Here are a few tips to help you create great discussions:

  • Make the question as descriptive as possible. A good discussion title is a short preview of your post and is what gets people to click and read. A well written title is also going to help people find the discussion from a search engine. For example, instead of ‘Won’t Connect’, try ‘Help, I can't figure out how to configure a JDBC data source.
  • Use minimal, yet effective formatting. Overly formatted posts can distract from the message or just take up too much of your time.  We do recommend you use the <code></code> tag around any syntax you might be posting (look at the last button on the formatting toolbar, it says </>, click on that to allow you to wrap syntax in <code></code>
  • Use tags. Tags are helpful for others to find keyword related posts. It also helps the site admins get a sense for what topics are popular.
  • If you want responses, ask for them. In marketing this is called a ‘call to action’. If you want others to comment, you can encourage them by asking them to do so. 
  • Add screenshots - they really help us understand what you are asking.  You can embed an image using the button bar or you can upload one from your desktop or phone.
  • Mention others. Credit other members if you are building off their previous comments or if you want to draw them into the discussion. Put the @ before a username to mention someone.
  • Take ownership. Most important of all, take ownership of the discussions that you have created. Respond to comments promptly and thoughtfully. Thank others for commenting on your discussion.
Thanks for posting! Have fun!

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Linear Actuator
By just commenting on a question, does that question get tagged as answered? 
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Linear Actuator
Yes and no!  

By commenting on a question, it is tagged as "answered' and you should get an email that it is answered (which really just mean someone has responded).  However, the person who asked the question can mark the question as "answered" using the inline buttons.
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