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Image Sensor

Trying to use this statement to determine if the column is filled out correctly.
So it is kicking back true for the scenario.
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Linear Actuator
Hi there, can you please provide a little more context for your question--your specific use case will be super helpful. thank you.
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Image Sensor
So we have accounts which require an A - allocation, O - optional, R - Required and X -Required. So if an individual ask to create a new account in our system they need to properly place an A, O, X, R or leave blank to signify it is not needed. This would be the AAM - Account Attributed Matrix. Basically, if you are an expense account. What the user needs to fill out to have an accurate journal entry. I can do a share screen and show you. if you email me at
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NiCd Battery
The syntax for the if() statement is:


CONDITION is the expression you want to evaluate.
TRUE_VALUE is the value the function returns if the CONDITION is true.
FALSE_VALUE is the value that is returned if the CONDITION is not true.

If you separate your logic into separate rows, it will be easier to see


If your CONDITION is true, then the TRUE_VALUE will always return "TRUE", and you hardcoded the FALSE_VALUE to "True"

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DC Motor
Hello jkingcrow21,

Please try the following compute statement - if(and(or(@CHARTFIELD2 (1)@ ="X",@CHARTFIELD2 (1)@  ="R",@CHARTFIELD2 (1)@  ="A"),isblank(@CHARTFIELD2@ )),true,false)

This should work.

Thank You,

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