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How do I profile a dataset

Linear Actuator
If you wanted to profile your data within Paxata, the way you would access our data profiling is as follows:

  1. Navigate to the Library.  (Click in the upper left corner where it says Projects, and a drop down will appear. Choose Library from the dropdown.)
  2. Find the file you wish to profile in the library. Once located, move your mouse over the file. The Actions Menu will appear.
  3. Move your mouse over More Actions
  4. You will see the profile option appear. Click on that button to activate the profile


If a profile had already been executed, the results will appear within the screen. Otherwise, click on the Generate profile.

Once the profiling is complete, you can either repeat these steps to view the results, look at the data preview for the library results in the library, or open the results within Paxata Project.
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