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API Python,

API Python,

error 1



error 2

while using pr.get_features() getting following error





So, I'm getting these 2  errors while I was doing a python script to make a model in datarobot through API, can't find any solution to this, please help if you have an idea. Thanks.

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Hi there - hopefully we can help you out.

I'd like to address your first error (first screenshot - which thank you, those are helpful).


First, what version of the datarobot python package are you using?

The most up to date is 3.0.1 - seen here


While testing locally I can confirm that on the latest version these two lines do not give me an error. Below is the output as seen in my python REPL:


>>> import datarobot as dr
>>> dr.DatetimePartitioningSpecification
<class 'datarobot.helpers.partitioning_methods.DatetimePartitioningSpecification'>


I scoured your screenshot for maybe a typo but could not see one.

Can you supply your library version and confirm that those lines in a python REPL supply the same output as what I have?