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Creating application failed on limit

Creating application failed on limit

Hello! I tried to set the application for my deployed model, but setting it up through a template (Predictor) ended in cancelation.
A message occurred: "Your organization has reached its application limit of 200. Delete unused applications or contact your DataRobot representative."
I have no previous applications built and there is no other person using the account. I have a trial.Snímek obrazovky 2023-04-29 v 19.51.07.png


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yes same issue here so i cannot see the end deployment on the form, which sucks as all the work but not seeing end

No, but it seems to be pointing to be, as a trial account user, part of a „trial“organization - maybe that's the cause...?

If there is some hidden limit if you belong to it that's the question…

Hi, I am getting the same issue. Did you manage to figure out the root cause?