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Model deployment

Model deployment

Good day 


After I have deployed my model and go to applications, when I want to create predictions using the Predictor I get an error message , "Your organization has reached its application limit of 200. Delete unused applications or contact your Data Robot representative." Screenshot (45).png

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Hi Jason 


Yes , this is a trial account and I do not know how many people have created apps within the company and I do not know how to delete. 


If there is another way I can solve this please let me know.





Data Scientist
Data Scientist

Hi Londi!

Sorry that's slowing you down. Do you know if your organization is really using 200 apps? Is this a trial account?

Any context like that would help. If you're in an Org with many users, you may have a lot of prototype / test apps that were created by users who aren't really using them in production. If that's the case then you can deactivate or delete the unused apps.