Eureqa Tutorial, part 1 of 2

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Eureqa is a software tool for detecting hidden mathematical relationships within data. This tutorial demonstrates how to perform your own searches with Eureqa, giving a brief overview of how to enter and smooth your data, configure the search settings, initiate the search, and finally view and interpret the solution statistics. You will learn how to use Eureqa to identify the simplest mathematical formula to model a pendulum’s angle as a function of time.

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Hi, I am a scientist for a small private research company.  I would like to occasionally use Eureqa for exploratory modeling.  What are my options for purchasing a copy or otherwise gaining access?

We have plenty of computing power onsite, so I would prefer a local instantiation. It is also possible that the company would be interested in a single, shareable 'check-out' type license.  If you do that kind of thing, please let me know.



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I am a researcher at a university. We had used the academic license of Eureqa for years. Upon trying to renew my most recent license, I learned that Eureqa is now part of DataRobot. Are academic licenses still available? Or at least academic discounts on Eureqa licenses? We would really like to use the software again.

Thank you


Data Scientist
Data Scientist

Hi @reknilt 

You can request an academic license here.



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Excellent, thank you so much.

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I am a researcher at a university. For my research, I wanted to try out Eureqa to see if I could find out some underlying physical laws of my data.
I downloaded the trial version, but didn’t get to use it during my trial period very much. Since my trial version is now over, I am considering to purchase a license.
I contacted the sales department, but they advised me to ask for help here in this section.

In some comments, I saw that the academic license is recommended. Could you please give me some more details about the pricing of the licenses?

Please advice me in this regard. 

Thank you!

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From where I can download Eureqa? I am unable to find its link. Any kid of help is appreciated.

Community Team
Community Team

Hello msikram -

You can request an academic license here.

- linda

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I can't find the download link of Eureqa on the website Is anyone can help? I will appreciate for your help ! 

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