Introduce Yourself!

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Introduce Yourself!

Two years ago this month, we launched the DataRobot Community. Now, we’re taking a moment to thank members who have been around since the beginning, say “Hello!” to newer members, and formally welcome everyone.

To help everyone get to know each other, please share a few words about yourself. Okay, I’ll start.

I'm Linda Haviland, DataRobot Community Lead. In early 2019, I joined the DataRobot product documentation group (technical writing was my forever career). Within months I moved to the Customer Experience team to help build out the brand new DataRobot Community. I’ve always enjoyed discovering how content can help users; now, I get to create the best experiences for our community of brilliant and motivated users. It’s pretty cool.

Outside of work, you can usually find me biking, boating, or hiking around Connecticut and Rhode Island, and spending as much time as possible with friends and family. When biking or walking my 13-year old Labrador retriever, I’m usually plugged into a tech podcast or audio book. (Know some good ones?)

You can reach me directly here in the Community by sending a private message, or email me at

Now, how about you? Please feel free share whatever you’d like; these are just some ideas:

  • What part of the world are you from?
  • What are your favorite hobbies?
  • How do you use DataRobot?
  • What tips and topics would you like to learn more about in the Community?

We’re looking forward to your introductions!

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Hey DR Community! 


I'm Corey Yant, DataRobot PLG Marketing Coordinator. I joined DataRobot in April 2021, so a little under a full year now. You may know me as the person who's replying to all the Trial Support tickets but people around the company know me as someone to help in a variety of different areas surrounding support, Google Analytics, Tableau, or data pulling and analysis. I'm someone who loves numbers, analytics, and organization so that projects flow seamlessly. DataRobot is a fast paced environment but the opportunities both at the company and what's been built and being built within the platform is so exciting. I love all the use cases surrounding sports and the predictions that can be made are endless. 


Outside of work, I live in Columbus, Ohio and yes I am a huge Buckeye. I graduated from The Ohio State University (Yes I included 'The' here but it drives me nuts when Ohio State people always put it in front....). I am an athlete all the way and you can always find me lifting weights, playing soccer, hiking, or shooting some hoops in my off time. Big foodie and traveler as well but love to learn about small businesses and new products being introduced that can help change the world (Why I love the show Shark Tank....I'd choose Mr.Wonderful or Mark Cuban). 


Feel free to reach out to me if you have any question surrounding trial or anything else! 

Hi Ira! 👋🏼

haha I'll admit England's famously boring weather is a great excuse to avoid jogging @Linda 

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Hello all, 

My name is Sophia, and I joined DataRobot in June of 2021. I'm part of the DataRobot University team on the more administrative side of things, working out of the Boston office/area. If you send in a ticket to DRU there's a good chance that I'm the one who will answer it. On the clock, I can answer questions about subscriptions, scheduling classes, DRU account issues, promo codes, etc. Off the clock, my specialties are knitting, cooking, Middle English literature, and the history of parkour. 

I have a background in engineering and mathematics with a doctorate, and experience in optimal control of ocean wave power and general background in mining and heavy industry. I have been focusing on activities that would today be called data science and have been moving officially in that direction for a while - currently I have my first position that is titled "data scientist" rather than variations on optimal control specialist. I have lived and worked in multiple countries and feel more a citizen of the Earth than a specific country.


My hobbies include mostly technical studies in mathematics and engineering. I have a strong interest in the foundations of statistics and data science - but also in relativity and the work on warp drive. On a personal note - I am more than open to anyone who wants to chat on these topics.


I usually find that any mathematics or science topic can lead to information helpful in practical data science. 

Thank you so much Linda for your comment.

Dr. Youness El Hamzaoui, is a professional research scientist, industrial engineer, and theoretical physicist and full time profesor. Having a strong experience in data science, machine learning, statistical analysis, optimization, control and cybernetics.
Dr. Youness El Hamzaoui, is the Managing Director of the International Appraisal Expertise in Consulting (IAEC), expert in valuation advisory services as appraising real estate and expert in appraising machinery & equipment.
• Languages Spanish, English, French, Arabic.
Fishing, reading, writing, swimming, sports, traveling, reading, cooking, watching good movies, listening to music, running, biking, dining out with family.

Hi Everyone!

I'm Nick Haughey. I've been with DataRobot since June of 2018 and build and manage the infrastructure and delivery of DataRobot University programs and services to grow the customer education business across the company.


Outside of work? Seems I'm always in front of this laptop. But on the weekends, a luxury to me is being able to sleep in a bit, and then slowly ease into the day with news, coffee, research, running errands without being on a schedule, and practicing mindfulness.

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Your introductions are great! @Bruce , "citizen of the Earth" - how many countries have you NOT visited or lived in I wonder? And, @Doctor Youness I'm guessing your courses are really interesting!

Hey DataRoboters! So great to see many of our team here. Ah, @NickHaughey , hope you're stepping away from the laptop asap today. And @MariaVasiliadis - I did not see you coming out with "My latest hobby is learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu!" That's awesome! Let us know you get new belts.

I'm enjoying reading everyone's stories and getting to know you all better, and I know other members are checking in, too. Keep the intros going, folks!!

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Hey DataRobot Community!


My name is Julia Matthews, and I joined DataRobot in the spring of 2021. I'm on the Customer and User Intelligence team, where we're putting user interviews and insights to work improving the DataRobot experience, using DataRobot itself! As part of gathering your feedback, I run the Product Advisory Board, a board of customer peers who meet to discuss DataRobot product strategy—reach out to me if you'd like more info. I'm also a proud member of PrideBots, DataRobot's LGBTQIA+ collective.


These days I live in Boston, but I'm originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. You can find me sweating it out in the yoga studio, building furniture for my apartment (kissing my security deposit goodbye), and playing fetch with my cat. My latest undertaking—building a computer game! 


Reach out to me via private message any time.