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MLOps Starter (Self-paced)

MLOps Starter (Self-paced)

Dear ML Resource Team,

Namaste !! 

Well ...Pls. Note I want to Reapply for Learning Test , I completed the course. Please let me know how can i Re-register for the same course.

Thanks & Regards

Neela Mistry




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DataRobot Alumni

Hi Neela - let me see how can follow up with you. Stay tuned!

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Got your answer: Can you submit your request/ticket at Thank you!

- Linda

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Dear Ms. Linda Well ..Fwded Mail ...awaiting Team Reply. Thanks for communication. Also I would to inform that @IBM Certification in 2020 ...mentioed as follows: IBM AI Enterprise Workflow Specialization. Course Certificates Completed Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) AI Workflow: Business Priorities and Data Ingestion AI Workflow: Machine Learning, Visual Recognition and NLP AI Workflow: Feature Engineering and Bias Detection AI Workflow: Enterprise Model Deployment AI Workflow: Data Analysis and Hypothesis Testing AI Workflow: AI in Production What is Data Science The Data Science Toolbox Data Science Methodology Python for Data Science and A AutoML Citizen for Data Sceintist Starter AutoML for Data Scientist Starter MLOPs Starter (Self- Paced) Working on DeepLearning.AI TensorFlow Developer Professional Certificate Why I mentioned all this certificate In case you are forming Team on important Project Please do let me know - so that we surely work together. Thanks
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