Finding DataRobot API Documentation

This article explains the API documentation that DataRobot provides today and gives you some quick links for accessing it. 

The DataRobot Support site provides a Readme with links to documentation and distributions,  as well as instructions for installing DataRobots API clients for various languages. (This is available to licensed DataRobot customers only.)

Quick links:

  • The current core API documentation is provided from the customer support portal (and available to licensed DataRobot customers only).
  • The R and Python modeling APIs are wrappers around the base REST requests.
  • The DataRobot R client, its documentation, and vignettes are all available on CRAN.
  • The DataRobot Python client is available on PyPI, and documentation can be found here.
    • Examples of the DataRobot Python client being used to model airline and financial data are available here.
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Computer Board

I'm using C# to hit the REST APIs. As client is not available for C#, is there a list of url endpoints? 

I'm trying to modify this sample to run in manual mode -

as I only need to train one specific blueprint/model.

Data Scientist
Data Scientist

Hi iluveu28,

Just to clarify, is there a particular end point you can't seem to find? 


Computer Board

I finally found the right doc and got it to work. Thanks

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