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AI in Turbulent Times: New world, old model. Now what?

Community Manager
Community Manager

In just the past few weeks to months, the world has changed significantly and unexpectedly. As a result, the data you used to train your deployed machine learning models does not reflect the current state--and now those models are in jeopardy of being obsolete. At DataRobot, we’ve considered how to get deployed models aligned with the new world, quickly and effectively.

Join some of our data scientists as they present a plan for addressing your deployed models. Learn how to find models at risk and steps to get them on track and making effective and accurate predictions.

Click here to view the DataRobot on-demand webinar "AI in Turbulent Times: New world, old model. Now what?" (Also, we've attached the slides for this presentation to this post.)

AI in Turbulent Times_ image.png


After watching the webinar

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